FAQ - Answers to your questions


In which internet shops can I shop via EUROGOODS?

You can shop in any EU internet shop of your choice, the only precondition is, that the shop is ready to send the goods to our store in Germany. Our shopping mall just gives you some shop examples. Simply go to the website of the Internet store of your choice and follow the instructions under "How does the order work?".

Can I order ebay items via EUROGOODS?

Basically yes, unless it is an auction. All items that you can simply buy, can be ordered via EUROGOODS and we will get the item for you, provided that it is still available when your payment is received. For a purchase from private sellers or invoiced without VAT, we charge a surcharge for the import costs and our effort. This will also be communicated to you in our order confirmation.

How do I know the exact cost for my order via EUROGOODS?

We always tell you in advance how much your desired product will cost. After you submitted your order request via our website to us, it will be checked and within one working day you will receive a confirmation with all costs. Only if you agree and transfer the total amount to us, the order will be executed by us. If you do not pay within 10 days, your order will automatically be cancelled with no further obligation for you.

How much does the order at EUROGOODS cost me?

Your order usually only costs you the price of the product you have selected plus the postage to our warehouse in Germany indicated by the selected shop. In addition, there is only the postage for shipment of the goods from our warehouse to you in Switzerland. Our costs for this service and the due import tax (VAT) in Switzerland is covered from with the refund of the foreign VAT.

For packaging and postage, we currently charge normally ::

up to 2 kg parcel weight EUR 25,00
up to 4 kg parcel weight EUR 27,00
up to 6 kg parcel weight EUR 29,00

More charges for postage and deliveries by truck forwarding on request.

As stated above, we pay the due import tax for you from the refund of foreign VAT. So you benefit from the VAT refund without having to do anything about it. With very many products, there are no additional costs or duties, so you can often work out the final by price yourself. If the goods are subject to customs duties or additional import costs, these will be invoiced separately by us. Only with small orders under 100 EUR goods value we reserve the right to charge an extra of 15 EUR.

Do I have to expect further costs for customs clearance of the goods cashed by the postman on my doorstep?

No. EUROGOODS is the importer of your favourite product and import the goods for you to Switzerland. All costs associated with the import are included in our final price and are listed in detail in our order confirmation. For a EUROGOODS-parcel you will not have to pay additional customs fees. You can count on it.

Why do I have to register and does that induce any costs?

No, there are no costs. We do not charge membership fees and no other running costs.

We ask for registration before you can send us an order request, because we invest a lot of work in examining each order. E.g. we check the availability, import restrictions, the tax and duty for the product, weight and volume of the shipment to determine the postage and freight costs correctly etc. In some cases, we need feedback from the supplier about the origin the goods to avoid duty payments if goods come from preferential countries. Therefore, we would like to know whom we are dealing with, and this helps to keep the cost low and providing the service for serious inquiries only.

Your details are only needed for the processing of your order. We also need your confirmation that you are over 18 years old and of course your address and contact information for the shipment of the goods.

All data provided to us are subject to data protection, i.e. we do not give them to third parties other than those employed to execute your order or use them in any way for other purposes.

Do I have to pick up the goods somewhere?

No, we ship your order by parcel service or haulage company to your address in Switzerland. You get your desired product, which you found in a European webshop, delivered to your doorstep.

How can I determine the current status of my order?

If you log on to your account on our website and click on one of your orders in the navigation under "My Orders", the order will appear on the right and the order status will be displayed below.

Can multiple orders be combined to save postage and freight charges?

Yes, if you order several products (from one or several internet shops) at the same time, we try to combine your order in one single shipment or in the best possible way. You benefit, because you only pay the postage for bigger parcel. The optimized postage will already be communicated to you in our order confirmation.

Are the goods insured?

All packages are insured up to 500 EUR. Higher insurance is possible at a surcharge. In any case, we insure the total value of the goods and inform you of additional insurance costs in our confirmation.

Can I track the parcel shipment?

Yes, if the shipment is on the way, you will receive our invoice with the tracking number of your shipment and you can easily track the delivery status and expected delivery of your parcel on the internet.

What happens to my payment if the purchase suddenly fails?

If a purchase cannot be made, e.g. because the product is no longer available or sold out, we will refund the full purchase price. So you never take a risk.

PayPal has changed its conditions and no longer reimburses the fees charged for a full or partial repayment. For orders that have been paid for via PayPal, we will accordingly retain the fees charged by PayPal in the event of a refund.

Which items can I order via EUROGOODS?

You can order all items via EUROGOODS which are freely available in EU-Internet-Shops and can be legally imported to Switzerland. Of course, the export regulations of the respective country of delivery as well as the import regulations of Swiss Customs Administration do apply. We check every order on its import possibility and deliver as well big and heavy articles, that can only be delivered by truck, for example furniture, washing machines, cars etc. So, there is almost nothing we cannot deliver right to your door.

We do not recommend buying fresh goods, perishable or deep-fried products. Due to the broken delivery and the necessary custom clearance, transit times are unpredictable, therefore we do not take any responsibility especially for perishable products. The responsibility for such orders and the transport risk is exclusively with the customer.

Can I shop as a trader via EUROGOODS?

Yes, our service is available to private as well as to small, medium and large companies.

How are returns handled?


Before a planned return, it is absolutely necessary to contact our customer service (service [at] eurogoods [dot] ch) first. Returns are always dependent on the terms and conditions of the shop that you selected, especially the return deadlines. E.g. if your selected shop only allows 14 days to return goods, it is impossible to match this deadline and that means, it is clear from the beginning that a return is not possible.

In addition, the returns must be accompanied by documents for the re-import of the goods to Germany. The documents and further information will be provided to you by our customer service, therefore you need to contact EUROGOODS before any return of goods. Uncoordinated returns can result in significant additional costs. All costs and risks of the return are at customer’s expense.

Important information about the return of goods can be found in our general terms and conditions under point 8.

Can I also pay by invoice or credit card?

Currently there is only the possibility to pay by bank transfer. We try to keep the costs as low as possible for you. Transferring the money from your account to our account is the only method of payment that incurs no additional costs. However, we are considering including further payment options in our offer in the future. An order via us can as of today only be carried out by advance payment.

Can I also pay with Swiss francs?

Yes, you can pay in Euro or Swiss Francs. Our offer shows the price for both currencies.

How long does it take for the goods to be delivered?

We can only pass on the order once your money transfer has reached us. According to experience, the goods are with us within two to three days after we ordered is with the selected supplier. Your shipment will be forwarded by us immediately upon receipt of the goods in our warehouse. As a rule, forwarding to Switzerland takes another three to six days. Overall, you should expect at least one week to 10 days.

Do you have any other questions? We will be happy to answer your questions. Contact us here by service [at] eurogoods [dot] ch (e-mail).