Your advantages with EUROGOODS


You will be informed BEFORE each order what the goods will eventually cost. EUROGOODS always informs you in the order confirmation about the final price including all costs, and you decide only if you know the final price, if you really want to buy by transferring the purchase price - if not, your order request expires after 10 days, without any cost or obligations for you.

As an importer, we custom clear the goods properly. There is no paperwork for you and there are no additional costs. No fiscal authority nor the postman will ask you for anything, because we really do everything for you.


You do not need a border kiosk and no German delivery address any more

EUROGOODS delivers your orders duty and tax paid by parcel service to your Swiss home address. With us, you do not have to invest time or travel costs to collect parcels abroad. You surely know to invest your time better than taking long trips to the border and queueing up for your parcel.


You participate in foreign VAT refund without having to do anything about it

because EUROGOODS claims the refund of foreign VAT and pays from that the Swiss import tax. We retain the balance to cover the cost for our service.


You decide from which shop you want to buy

EUROGOODS takes care of the rest. Procurement is virtually unlimited for all legally importable products in all online shops of the European Union, provided the goods can be shipped to our warehouse in Germany in a first step, where they will be prepared for exportation to Switzerland.


You only pay the actual costs and fees, there are no separate or hidden charges

You pay the gross buying price in Euro (i.e. the price from your chosen internet shop plus shipping costs to our German warehouse) and the additional postage for forwarding the goods to Switzerland, a table with postage fees can be found in the "FAQ". Only for articles sold at preferential VAT of 2,5 %, e.g. foodstuff, we charge an extra fee on goods value. As far as duty or other legal dues are applicable, these will be added. All such costs will be announced beforehand in our confirmation. For small orders below 75 EUR, we reserve the right to claim expenses of up to 15 EUR.

As a Swiss resident you therefore can shop just as cheap as buyers in the EU.


Save money and buy super cheap.

You can use the purchasing power of the Swiss Franc against the Euro to save a lot of money if you buy in Euros. In addition, you benefit from the wide selection in all shops of the European Union.

Several German brand shops are now represented in Switzerland with their own online shops, but often sell here at very high prices in Swiss Francs compared to their German shop prices. With EUROGOODS you benefit from the original prices in Euros and you can save a lot of money.